The Words of the Spong [02 Mar 2016]

Visit the Awesome Grandpa Spong, he just updated is Google Chrome. and his Google Hangous, and is able to stream on the Asia PAcific Stream, squeeeee
the spong is back


The following is a monthly update from my Apprentice, the Spong:

well, see ya Harold, have fun now, seems weird when we all shut ou internet down for 6 months, even Jaystepher has things to do, yeah, have fun now, I have the lego brick built Ilvermony school of witcraft and wizardry to buid, in time for the September school time. with no dr who or things to do this, year. events of star wars as well , 16, December 2016, and dr who 25 decemebr 2016 is going to be a fun spong time. next spong itme in September I guess. so be good Harold,

ok, month check, in in preparation for the new JK Rowling era, 2016 new assignment to incorporate, how the youth of today interpret the ,. understandigns of the umans, in a wizard world, lets cal it, adam spong taching the world of. Asperger asexual…

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