the life cost of the spong $87 800

#asperger # pension #warning #noun as verber

  • wow, points, does someone realise i ramble , and not make sence
    • , i always warn readers now, that , with which i write .. i noun verbs.
  • i was just working out the total amount of life time pension
  •  received over 40 years of my adventurous asperger life
  • my wondering life as well being a student , so i could work out how much lego that i did buy over the 40 years of my life, working it out at 1% of my pension is easy, because, in one week, $100 would be the pay, and then i would put $1 away for birthday money of $50 a year in lego all on my birthday


i was just  working out the  total  amount of life time pension, received  over 40  years

free labor force participant of a 40 week job,  recruitment free labor of the  spong in 1988 –  2004 of  termination of requirement to work rules of  full  pensioner ,

total of 1988 – 2004 pay was still at $4000 a year,  compared to now in 2016, imagine  $4000  a year in 2016,  imagine that,  it  would not  even pay  for the   local council rates ,

imagine if i was a real worker  take home pay at  real wages .

lego that, at its  value in

1980 – $50

no lego period – nil

1990’s lego ( pirates and paradisa) $300

2000 lego star wars $1000

then the non lego period 2001- 2007

back at it  with  eiffel tower  and friends lego in 2012,

in slight  dark ages mode,  til 2021,  at toal,  lego bought  from 2015- 2021 at $500

aa pension

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