16 posts for August

Daily  check 13 before August. and  16 now. with an  intro and exit.  so it is  22 posts month now, addign this as 17, not  16, ( really ) , is the  30 posts over all . ,  lol, after,  realising  i  have  left  this  time line  to  start for the  2016   time line,…  30 posts   is  amazing.. as i  try to  keep to the university days of 20 notes a month ,  for  university look back, 1994, 2001, 2008,  and now, the look  forward, .. i am  guessing this is note, blog,  60 or something.  i should check. , the  idea was to  make all blogs simultainiously, but now, the past 2014, when i thought  about  the  2016, and 2018, and 2002, star wars,  would have  been the one thing i would have  follwed in  Facebook, and not much in WordPress,.  no one  memes or blog posts much in  a word based  document, nostaligia  daily blog anyway, it would be  impossible to  daily blog on the  same topic, it would be  repeatative and boring.  so this is  why we  diversify.

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