the juliana hatfield look back

the  years of  1989 –  1995 internet pre- beginnings.

i am thinking it  was the best 7 years to  try to  keep to  an MTV  based internet  based follwing, and  just read and interpret song  lrics, i was thinking what was the best  lyrics i  remember  reviewing.

lets do it again./   Favourite this once. And thik about it. For to think about it is to be lost.  if i sometimes., we have to  leave as one,  we  do not,  go that path way  much,

lol, ad  libing to the  maximim.

actually there was this other song that i   re-interpreted,  it  was the  like,  me, myself,  have no  phallacies.

exactly.  what inspired me to  show that . one  could,  divest ones  life outside of the life with which it  was accustomed to.

and so, that  is the journey now, reliving the  1994 –  2001, 2008  reason for  changable time lines.  the time lines alwasy  changed.

actually, i  dont  know  how i did the 7 year change and  just through out the old  e-mails,  would have been  rewarding to  read my old e-mails.

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