movie review “ Salmon Fishing in The Yemen”

movie review “ Salmon Fishing in The Yemen”

i will re==edit this later, movie  reviews at  midday . ,and as always  i   have time to think about it.  i always try to get back here, and do an asperger story, and today is fitting, the movie is the old classic from 2011 staring. Ewan MacGregor .. called “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen”. a very obscure recollection of the worling life of an Asperger,. and the reaction of an Asperger knowing that they are perceived differently,. but as for the plot , it is rather about fishing as the topic, and fishing as an obsession. of hmm, surplanting a part of Britain into Yemen. Exactly, the environmental issues and problems that one would encounter,. the change of gratity in the area. the ultimate, change in pushing down momentum of the Earths crust. did anyone work this out, , lol, .

somewhere in a Geologists mind, the idea of doing this would be a grand feet, though we have changed all of civilised Continents, to , invigorate a changing desert like Yemen, would be an ultimate change.

but as the movie showed, it did change, and the Aspergers did make Dr. Alfred Jones a different person after having relationships that made him dependable.

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