the Asperger stories

time for daily hogwarts fanfictions,  using the attributing facet of Asperger.

the  gaze, into ones  self, like a  Facet. it begins, with a difficult  way to  split the  story up,  as the  original stories might be,   read and interpreted all weirdly ,as this is now my asperger talk. i will get back to asperger themes in here, my Hogwarts fanfiction found under hashtag #hogwart #fanfiction.

I was beginning to think, what would a person like me, know about personal relationships, but then, i thought, ah, comedy is a relationship, yeah, i can do this, i will write, 7 years of fanfiction, which is about 18 000 stories, wow, imagine that, i have done it previously, i might actually look at how dull my old fanfictions were , and compare them to when i finish . Finish this great journey on 2023, see you then.

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