Can opener, the Sugar dumpling

Can opener, the Sugar dumpling

hogwarts fanfiction by adam spong

In a door wall thing with windows there lived the admin of reaction videos, who wants their 1970 cellphone back with extra sugar dumplings from the drive through . His car is code named “Can opener”. Not a whatever loser you disconcerting douche moth chucker do youeven like avacado or burgers. don;t sugarcoat the door wall thing with windows, fill it with mung bean and soup and a godzilla cheese sticks smell, nor yet a stupid comment ratio, just went up, doesn;t nave time to study with the open door wall thing with windows with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a sugar dumpling-door wall thing with windows, and that means door wall shelter.

One day, after a troubling visit from the icecream headache Tinfoil Hat, Can leaves her door wall thing with windows and sets out in search of three i;m not willie wonker glazed hams. A quest undertaken in the company of dust muncher, angle grindr and say thankyou cupcake creamie.

In the search for the icecream headache-guarded glazed ham, Can opener surprises even herself with her card game patience and skill as a over -actor.

During her travels, Can rescues a hot chocolate mug, an heirloom belonging to Tinfoil. But when Tinfoil refuses to try eating her muffins, their friendship is over.

However, Tinfoil is wounded at the battle of the bulge and the two reconcile just before Can engages in some serious eating of her muffin.

Can accepts one of the things that i;m not willie wonker has a fetish for glazed hams and returns home to her door wall thing with windows a very healthy sugar dumpling.


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