noun as verbie spong

time to noun as verb me some evil , evils song lyrics. with Trump as president evill evil, evil/.
Trump the sycophant, with his dildo casino , of battery sucking vampire coal powered energy nom noms.. . and nickle my back will rule as the national anthem. all rise for the national anthem “Believe It or Not” or #” cowboy hat” i got my boots on ready to ride the trump dildo, talllie hooo pilgrims.
“Learn The Hard Way” lyrics by Nicleback
Hey there little darling ( what the fuck, shit head), where’d the old man gone ( dick head republican)? Why don’t we get out of town and do it all night long?( not on my watch cock head) We can lie out in the field til the morning light. (get a job dick head) Then me and your old man are gonna have to fight ( go to jail mofo) Start the loving in the truck and wind up in the ditch you sick bastard) Then the old man will come a runnin’ with a hickory switch ( in your wet dreams buddy) Oh, no, gotta learn this some day ( sociopathic switch grinding dildo ) Why, I, gotta learn the hard way ( you like getting hard with trump as republican leader shit head Buddy showed me just how fast a car can go ( oil pumping innuendo) I’ll race you for your pink slip right before this show ( sick bastard) Put your girlfriend in the bet to make things good , stock and trade of blow up dolls) Coz she’s been staring at me like no girlfriend should ( all blow up dolls fancy this dick fuck) Bastards sitting right there on the starting line ( he quotes his-self as bastard appendige) Stuck the sugar in your gas tank by myself last night (he spooges a dick load in his back door)

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