Month: September 2016

link to lego gold coast news report

the  facebooks   right  here.

news from the lego builders  files   gold coast lego  Queensland  Events,

LEGO enthusiasts unite this weekend

it begins dreamworld lego store review by spong in the city

oh, i was on time. now, strange to think i was still on 13 325. before , lol. the amount of lego released after this date is surprisingly popular, depending on the set number, box number i will change it to fit the day of release, after the 13 333

13333 lego dreamworld store review by spong in the city

in the facebook it is  written as 13 333, but  i miscalcualted adding these notes, and the time  sequence is  out  by 6.  but i think it is  13 333

13 333,. on time with the official lego store reports, i cant wait to start them, dreamworld on the gold coast, with the new lego sets,

2016 october glimpse of lego store

45 more days and i can lego store review, i made the october posts close together, as, i don;t know when i will be outside lining up to see the lego store, for 1 november 2016, or even if it is 4th november the grand opening for the public. we will see, just in case, i will publish two dates, an official, and a spong in the city, actually, in the store video,


which day do i officially lego store review dreamworld

spong in the city. will leave these blog notes, as a time line to when i will do them, depending on the set number. which had the end of 2016 set list number  of 13 333 lego sets, at the date of the official store opening, all lego sets will be reviewed after lego set 13 333, which i was currently on in the australian, normal time line up to july 2016, as the wait for the lego store is anticipated, if i lego review in between the dates, it will double up in the actual lego store review to date schedule, it is in 45 days anyway, so i have plenty of time to work out the time line.

american to australian comparison to lego store dreamworld

this daily, lego videos every 3 days seems to be on time for november review of the dreamworld lego store,
i am guessing i will be on time for the opening, official opening i guess.
i will compare the lego store in australia, to other australian experiences at target, coles, woolworths. postal shopping and online shopping.

13 402 dreamworld lego store examination of what is on offer

on time with the preset time line early as lego sets for Australia in july 2016, will be here in November 2016, am i confusing you yet. it, the 45 days til the official lego store at dreamworld , all the lego sets, will be online, so i am guessing it will be a benefit to look at the websites before the date.
i am pre guessing my time to publish this, as November 1, but , with all the videos i will be making. just title it, November lego store videos, by spong in the city.

official lego store dreamworld links to spong in the city lego reviews

brickset is late, and spong is  early  for the  links, because, i  need to time  stamp my  reviews, and in  44 days days it  will be  spong in the city  lego reviews evert  3  to 5  days. or the big days,  whatever a day . and with the rest of y time line filled up with lego store run downs to when i make videos it is time to send them to wordpress so i am ready to publish them. they are empty now, i am assuming that November 1, will be the big release of the lego store officially as the website, and official store. , so i will be prepare for it, just click back here in 45 days i will have made all the videos .

There’s something about Tetris gamerz fanfiction

An Important Tetris Patch Updates story

gaming fanfiction

Player 2 has a very doge muscular moves. He has a short joy stick with quick motions and a long splendid private detective from blue lagoon. His wife, player 1 is going down the shop until she meets Tetris King, a pork barreling donkey kong, slim shadie King with a passion for cookery tetris.

Player 2 takes an instant disliking to his Queen. who they will battle in the next tetris revival power play , live on youtube. and at last, they don’t have to wait for the stupid downloads waiting for the new tetris with proud red cherries.

However, when a zombie gamer tries to prod Player 1, all her cherries fall , and always she looks back, reminded of her early days when she learnt about the green apples falling down.. the fun of Tetris is just like spring falling apples to the rescue. Player 2 begins to notices that her gaming buddy is actually a rather brave charm master.

But, the pressures of Player 1’s job as a database computer programmer and she gets bored with the data entry all day. it leave her bored and she likes to play golf, for quick eye reflexes. Player 2 as her husband takes up basket ball for his tetris gameplay to try an distract himself.

Finally, when delish yellow pumpkins teacher of tetris, the Tetris Queen, wants to have a tetris showdown , Player 1 ans 2 have to act fast. But will they ever find the important tetris patch updates love that they are waiting for?

BrickWorlds23 deep deep lego gorge festival

BrickWorlds23 deep deep lego gorge festival

The Sun that Shone like Loving lego long long time Goldfish

A Spong Story
for brick builders fanfiction

Brick Worlds23 looked at the squidgy lego builder hawk in his hands and felt the warm feel of a barmy suny lego build.

He walked over to the window and reflected on his old-fashioned spong bob square dance surroundings. He had always loved deserted Arizona pineapples under the sea Grand Canyon lego build competition with it start call sign. Begin Build, was the call, they all started building at their best lego pace. The time tunnels in the gorge were portals to another dimention. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel barmy sunny lego builds.

Now it was Hardcore chicken turn to build. Then she saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of HardCore Chicken that someone had made out of Friends lego. HardCore was a virtuous lego builder with a bag of lego in each hand .

Brick gulped. For HardCore Chicken glanced at her own reflection in the lego build . “ that looks just like me : She was an understanding, special, lego builder with pretty chicken lips and ability to build well. Her friends saw her as a great lego builder. Once, she had even made a cup of noodles for a fuzzy puppy lego build.

But not even an understanding person who had once made a cup of tea for a fuzzy puppy lego build competition, was prepared for what HardCore had in store today.

The sun shone like loving lego long long time goldfish, making Brick delighted lego builder.

As Brick stepped outside and HardCore came closer, she could see the adventurous smile on her face.

HardCore gazed with the affection of a lego builder. with the sight of the 5775 piece lego brick build challenge. She said, in hushed tones, “We will build this grand canyon, to raise money for the childrens hosital. for the hardcore chicken needs new robot legs.”

Brick looked back, even more delighted lego builder and still building the squidgy lego builder hawk that will fly through the grand canyon build . “HardCore, I don’t have the hardcore hawk right here, i am still building it” she replied.

They looked at the finished builf with ambivalent lego build feelings, like two sticky, striped snakes with daddy long legs at a very delightful BrickWorlds23 deep deep lego gorge festival, which had “everything is awesome” music playing in the background and two stable tables to build on.

Brick regarded HardCore’s two bags of lego. “I feel the same way!” revealed Brick with a delighted grin.

HardCore looked happy lego building, her emotions blushing like a good, gloopy lego builder.

Then HardCore came inside for the winning trophy. the champions BrickWorlds23 and HardCore Chicken. A colarative legobuild together.