Asperger movie review of UP

Asperger movie review of UP

i was wondering if i could find what i saw in 2009, as i was in stale mate mode, i will assume i saw only quality movies.

oh yes Up. i was going through 2009, without reviewing the most obvious movie that defined 2009 .

UP /. an Asperger, social anxiety movie. The main question is ;. Was Carl Fredricksen in the afterlife trying ot get to paradise. or was his wife still alive, alot of people watch this movie differently. For me i like to assume that, it had deep meaning for me. Talking dog voice simulators, who would have thought the afterlife was so bizarre. and the Scout student, as his Guaridan angel, i can believe it. But the story about a town encrouching on a dream, that is a bit wierd. to think that a person who lives in the Country area would have a huge city sprawl up beside them. that must be an American ideal.

Up is a movie for an Asperger social anxious person to see, their life differently. i know, i myself saw it all differently, in fact, the break down after may 29, 2009 got me to, transfigure my time lord identity to the new vessle.


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