more Ilvermorny new york school fanfiction.

more Ilvermorny new york school fanfiction

The main character is Adam, and he is being nuzzled by his pet dog in the Ilvermorny Gardens.

The main protagonist is Elsa the wildly magic witch , who turns out to be from another magical Castle dimension! ZAp, Elsa appears right before Adam, in the Institute Grounds. Adam says : i am the magic carrot from Frozen .. let it go, LEt it GO.

The struggle is real,… Adam is brainwashed into joining the people on other side of the ice fountain portal. Join us Adam, Join us, one of us.
The Trigger is when villain gets hold of the artifact of doom! He is Dardinickle the pickle eater. He loves pickels on his hot dog burger.

It’s discovered that another minor villain was secretely replaced by a duplicate some time ago! He is clone trooper Marmoset on a mission to find the magic pickle. The Magic Christmas Pickle, walks out of the frozen cupboard. In the south side of the Bronx .. in Cold Keeper Gettto/ Full Gettoo Ganster Pickle.

Clone Trooper Marmoset finds an old heirloom cuppa teacup. This cuppa tea will fortell his future. He takes the cup to Ilvermorny New York Institute of Magic . to start to learn about the infamous tale of the Christmas Pickle, knowing that it will be the best time. To brew a fine brew and read the tea leaves.

(i still like to 11;11 pm at night on the new york time, so here goes.)


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