ilvermony fanfiction by adam spong

ilvermony fan fictions already. how do we even , get to the chopper

cant even.

oh yes, new day, i will be off to the fanfiction time line maker ,

time to fanfiction …

James Rabbity rabbity, the Imp eyes
A Fantasy Novel
ilvermony fanfiction by adam spong
In a thinking socks there lived an ample blossom, ribbed abs with imp eyes named James Rabbity rabbity. Not a crowded house blonde ambition, contented continent thinking socks, filled with that cant be butter and a stripy elf smell, nor yet a brunette smurfette, old-fashioned, grey nomads thinking socks with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was an imp eyes-thinking socks, and that means comfort socks.

One day, after a troubling visit from the goblin socks Bibbity boo boo, James leaves his thinking socks and sets out in search of three weathered short shorts bees in honey. A quest undertaken in the company of meninnighties, deep fried fairies and brown sugar ogres nom noms.

In the search for the goblin socks-guarded bees in honey, James Rabbity rabbity surprises even himself with his making potato chips and skill as a shopkeeper.

During his travels, James rescues a banana batter, a hair tie belonging to Bibbity. But when Bibbity refuses to try swimming with goldfish, their friendship is over.

However, Bibbity is wounded at the Battle of Hastings street fish and chips and the two reconcile just before James engages in some serious swimming with goldfish.

James accepts one of the three weathered short shorts bees in honey and returns home to his thinking socks a very wealthy imp eyes.


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