Tales of the Goblin — Childishly Talking

Tales of the Goblin — Childishly Talking

Adam Spong stories
hogwarts fanfiction by adam spong

“It’s time for childishly talking!” whispered the goblin that lives on my boat.

I looked like a mad teapoet. The teapoet of my dreams; i had a hilly eye and a skinny tentacle. I loved my Teacher at hogwarts who taught me how to mesmerise the goblin of my dreams. I loved Dennis. he was so seccy. I did not want to take the teapoet charm from them. Teacher, especially, loved the nose of the goblin, as it was pointy.

I examined the ritual piano. I studied the goblins chant, and i was under his spell . The Ship which boated like a backward toad did sway me up and down like a poet transfixed on their muse.

I remembered shouting gently at the goblin’s will and knew I would comply again to write another amazing filthy fanfiction.

The drizzle made me tremble like ribbed scent, it inspired the teapoet to write a fine fanfiction.


The teapoet was happy to write such a wonderous poem.

The goblin that lives on my dreams is boated on the waters of Hogwarts often.



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