8500 stories hogwarts fanfictions by adam spong

8500 stories hogwarts fanfictions by adam spong
as i am up to 300 stories now, this is remarkable.previously i have 1000 stories from my previous 14 years online,
so in 2023,
i will have 18 000 Hogwarts fanfictions online, which have no actual factual connection to hogwarts, and are just dream sequences in my mind. mixed with the desire to make my language a proper noun as verb reality.
I have my potions classes set to my language preference.
Herbology in different continents changed to regional dialects.
And, the time lines of my adult characters and children’s characters depend muchly on current language cues.
The one thing i like about Medium language posting is the non use of grammatical errors.
Medium helps me write and in fact changes my nouns as verbies. it is a difficult way to write in the spong manner , as i have to write these in deviantart with grammatical spong language. And then transfer them to Medium. Though the actual spelling mistakes are obvious, to write in my style of parody of the english language is both eccentric and complicative for a new student to learn now to noun verbies.
But sometimes i think, no i should not noun my verbs and do a normal language motic, but then,. i think. if i do that, i will loose my structural dynamics form the past 15 years now./ so i will push ahead in the noun as verbies. so until then.
Go to School Monday.
I still have Sunday time to make the new stories .Back to school Monday, everyone online is back to school Monday.http://adamspong2012.deviantart.com/journal/8500-stories-hogwarts-fanfictions-by-adam-spong-632245136

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