check of all deviantart adam spong accounts 2016

the check of all deviantart adam spong accounts

i like this part, the search for my 7 main accounts, to see if i am on time to

original 365 plus 365 in 2015 tightcupcakes

next is the garden account, that i try to use as a 365, but i think i am on 200 notes, and journals in that one

next is the 2012, which i know is up to date, because i realised i had forgotten the garden one. and worked on 2012, as i was always in there. so it is nearly at the beginning of the new 7 year journey.

Each account is doubled up now to accommodate the fact i like to be in Hogwarts and Ilvermorny Institute realms. So 2012 account is at 365 and now 40 days into the new fanfiction. All is working out fine.

Next is 2015 This account has been sent to a 365 daily account. even in 2015. This account has alot more work done to it, as my previous 2009 to 2015 accounts were always holiday time hogwarts accounts at 260 days. 2015 was the first time that i went ot deviantart for 365 days in a year.

As always the lego chamber secrets was another fanfiction account i started in 2012, with the news of future movies, hoping to do the same ting in that account, of a daily 365.

Apart form the others that i will use in 2020, i will decide the 2020 account to get me all the way to 2023, for the 7 years of Hogwarts.

this list will do for mow, i wonder if i will do the 7 years. Success in the past of a full 365 daily blog in 2009 is proof that i am on track. Doubt about the continuation after 2023 is relevant. but i may go onto 2030, and do one last journey to Hogwarts.

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