Tom Lakeman, the Gnome

Adam spong stories
hogwarts fanfiction by adam spong

In a hole there lived a windy, sensational gnome named Tom Brickman. Not a slimy windy, peculiar hole, filled with wigs and a wild smell, nor yet a grand, idyllic. The dull hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat anything at all : it was a gnome-hole, and that is a proper shelter.

One day, after a troubling visit from the troll Bob Gump, Tom leaves his hole and sets out in search of three fluffy bacon pieces from Hogsmeade. A quest undertaken in the company of fairies, trolls and solid pixies.

In the search for the troll-guarded bacon, Tom Brickman surprises even himself with his diligence and skill as a brick layer.

During his travels, Tom rescues a brick on his foot belonging to Bob. But when Bob refuses to try balancing the brick on his nose, their friendship is over.

However, Bob is wounded by his lack of talent. The Brick lands on his third leg and the two reconcile just before Tom engages in some more serious brick twirling.

Tom accepts one of the three fluffy bacon pieces and returns home to his hole knowing that he found a nice friend to share stories with.


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