A Mutual Love of Hair tonic

A Mutual Love of Hair tonic

Adam spong fanfiction

ilvermonry fanfiction by adam spong

Felicity is back for some story time. at last I have my 30 students, 60 parents. all in my stories. Felicity is a Hogwarts hairdresser from pretty my hair parlour the Hogsmeade downtown. She leads a simple life.

At first Felicity finds the business great in Hogsmeade and the company very idyllic. Then there’s the mysterious, new local worlock, Dropsy Jones, who makes her feel on edge.

When Dropsy invites her on a singing expedition to the Hogsmeade music festival. Felicity begins to realise that Dropsy is a deeply considerate and loving man.

Felicity knows in her heart that Dropsy is the man for her. However, to secure her happiness, Felicity must add hair growing spells into Dropsy’s daily tea to get him to go to her shop more often. But the thoughtful gardener, Kathy Meadows, who wants to prune Dropsy’s hedges down below.

Using her fake hair spells and a mutual love of cutting hair, Felicity sets out to snare Dropsy into her parlour.


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