Daniel the Student at Ilvermorny

Daniel the Student at Ilvermorny

Adam spong story
ilvermorny fanfiction by adam spong

There’s an energetic new boy at Ilvermorny Institute and he has everybody talking. Stunningly a magical wizard and devastatingly tragic, all the girls want him. However, Daniel MacDaniel has a secret — he has a deranged runny nose.

Doris Barlow is a sympathetic, energetic girl who enjoys golf and curing runny noses. She becomes fascinated by Daniel who wanted to see Doris’s gift of stopping runny noses with her bare hands. She likes to think she can handle herself as well as caring for all the runny noses .

Her best friend, a daring librarian called Alice, tells Doris that runny noses are an important part of life. People should be able to go to class with a runny nose. Doris begin to piece together the puzzle. Together, they discover Daniels ultimate weapon — the purple, runny nose sock charm of Hot chilly Mung Bean.

When runny noses start turning up all over Ilvermorny, Doris begins to fear the worst. The librarian urges her to report Daniel to the Hogwarts teachers and she knows she should, so what’s stopping her from letting students go to class with a runny nose?

She may resist Daniel’s runny nose curse spell , but can she resist his nasal charms?

Will she be caught with a runny nose, and be sent to the Ilvermorny Institute Hospital?


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