Humm Nom nom Hogwarts Garage fanfiction

Humm Nom nom Hogwarts Garage Fanfiction

Adam Spong dreams
hogwarts fanfiction by adam spong

Caty Sparrow-eater is a loving and stable orphan kitteh raised by a hogwarts student called “wild nun”. Eventually she gets a job working as the cat for the caretaker of Hogwarts for the friendly Lady lady Meow Moew . The unlikely couple rapidly succumb to a incredible passion for a shared love of cat nom noms.

On the day of their cat wedding, a snotty kitteh escapes from the attic of Hogwarts and starts a fart. Believing that Lady Meow Moewis passed out from the spontaious fart , Caty flees from the castle and wanders the chilly moors for days until she is rescued by an understanding student.

However, although Lady Moew Moew is blinded by the love of her Caty kitteh, she still gets a new pet to breathe a sigh of relief in her life . Without Caty she becomes sinister and wild for more pet love . She turns to dogs for comfort. The ghost of the nun from the attic haunts her.

Meanwhile, thinking Lady Meow Meow has forgotten her, Caty accepts a dog licence internship from her saviour, the owner of the Doggery in Hogsmeade. However, one night she believes she can hear Lady Meow Meow calling, “Caty, where are you? Caty come home!” and she returns to Hogwarts.

On Caty’s return, she finds Lady Meow Meow and with a deep meow, they dance all night long . Mistaking her for the ghost of the lost cat, she feeds her again with chicken and Caty Sparrow-eater flees out the window. She was desperate for some fish nibbles.

So Caty finds the student who saved her from before, and she had some spare fish fingers . Caty loves fish fingers, Merlins Beard’n loves her fish fingers.


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