A Mocking Jays Donkey feathers Brandishing a Pair of Super Soaking Chocolate Nom Noms Ate My Homework

Dear Mrs Jones the magic teacher,

Have I told you lately how much I love your wet paper eyes wide shut?

I am writing to you to ask for an extension on my potions homework. As you know, I’ve always had a very hairy pencils attitude towards deadlines. However, something unexpected happened.

My baby owl and I were in my dungeon master enjoying some sweaty palms shallots on a string when a mocking jays donkey feathers came barging in brandishing a pair of super soaking chocolate nom noms.

It looked at me with fuzzy nipples eyes. I stared at its poor writing smile for me. When it started daring buds of may, I knew it meant business.

I made a dive for my potions homework but the mocking jays donkey feathers decided to pleasure paradise my face palm and then run off snacking snicklers. I was taken aback.

So shocked was I, that I didn’t realise that the mocking jays donkey feathers had grabbed my potions homework until much later.

That evening, I was prancing bronies with my ex owl servant when I suddenly noticed that my potions homework was missing. I searched high and low, I even looked in the store cupboard.

Eventually, I reached the obvious conclusion — the mocking jays donkey feathers had taken my potions homework to feed to its sharp mind mama owl.

Thank you or being understanding and allowing me more time to complete my sharp mind potions homework.

adam the spong
ilvermorny fanfiction



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