Just forget Ilvermorny Sundays

Just forget Ilvermorny Sundays

I seem to want to call this
just forget sunday
ilvermorny fanfiction by adam spong

“It’s time for careless sunday!” whispered the goblin adam spong,that hopes to not have to do another sunday writing.

I looked at the pencil; I just had to look back and realise my Saturdays and sundays are free days now, . I loved Saturday. I loved Sunday. I did not want to take the time I should be dreaming about Hogwarts or Ilvermorny, especially, now I am making 50 fanfictions a week now . i just love the fanfiction time.

I like to think I can fanfiction on the weekdays.

I remembered happy times dreaming about my dreams and being able to slee. I di dnot want to do as in the past, and chat constantly online , my free will and free time gone, so I am glad I manage my time now, and knew I would get to a good basic life again.

In hindsight, I will look back at this statement, and realise in 12 weeks time after 600 stories. was 500 the maths time is here. 50 a week, with 10 weeks as the main theme. and I have the other 100 to go back on in time. oh yes next Medium story is the look back in the future, all tiem lines done, horray.

adam spong
ilvermorny fanfiction
that never makes sence.


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