monday 6am fanfiction hogwarts by adam spong

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my  medium link doesnt  want to  load down  below, must be  a fanfiction  pun.

oh i thought i 3rd time ot monday hogwarts by adamswondergarden on DeviantArt

where  did the  time go lucky I have tiem to  3rd  sept, for Monday hogwarts

6 am hogwarts wake up

compared to ilvermorny that just went to bed, being in multiple time zones, is alot like thinking like a professional.

we have 1930 Ilvermorny re-interpreted in modern days.

also 1990 Hogwarts interpreted by a student from 1990, thinking like a student in present time.

the complexities in-surpass even an australian who doesn;t even know what the Uk environment of eduction is right now,

Let alone the Ilvermorny,. but in some ways education is always the same. so Wake up Hogwarters, its time for some learning , y’here


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