Mrs Jazz Handz

Mrs Jazz Handz

A Deep Fried adam spong story
hogwarts fanfiction by adam spong

Jazz hands is a , proud and helpful actor from the seaside. Her life is going nowhere until she meets Mrs Noris, a slim, smart woman with a passion for magic.

Jazz takes an instant liking to Mrs Norris and the silly ways she smiles and clumsy ways she laughed her way through school to become the class clown. During her years in the clown troop, she had much to do.

However, when a Hogsmeade street hooligan tries to trip Jazz, Mrs springs to the rescue. Jazz begins to notices that Mrs is actually rather articulate at heart, and fast on her feet.

But, the pressures of Mrs’s job as a Flying teapot navigator at Hogwarts leave her blind to Jazz’s affections. Jazz takes up reading in the Hogwarts Library to try and distract himself.

Finally, then they find out the Hufflepuff house captain, Flower Posie, wants to keep Jazz for own amusement. Mrs has to wait for a chance to honor Jazz with her company, and has to think up random ways to sneak out her window and into Mrs Norris’s bedroom, without the House Captain knowing.

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