6 am new york ilvermonry fanfiction

oh 6 am new york , yeah.

did i forget to time line before bed,

ok, bed time now, i shall write in here when i wake up. Very weird dream about walking around New York> there is something about pase and relationship to dreaming that is different in a rather narative way to describe it, but i guess, i am in tune with it now.

While i am not really one to detail all of the walking dream, there is a need ot say, that in my dream i walk around alot, seems normal for me. no dramatic changes, no dramatic effects, just, the beaches and the fan fair of tourist attractions, seems the main theme of a storyline. (  realising i need ot  writ e backwards in WordPress0 and post my days  events   backwards for  5th of  september  2016)


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