80 posts about ilvermorny/ hogwarts fanfictions

lol, it  has only  been 24 days of  fanfictions,  how do i  do it, . i break it  up to 2  posts each  college/

i like to 9 pm ilvermorny

in the  next 70 days i  will have  done  600,  but  i  used ot  choose the most popular topics  .

now i just post  everything, all the dream sequences and the different  fanfictions,

i like to 3 am hogwarts

i seem to realise i am a 3 hour diary entry person,

from 3am,

to the end when i go to bed

it is a great time to do Hogwarts fanfictions

like a diary.

diary time with the spong, is about 50 of my best newsfeeds

in my own time line, so lets mossie on down to the hogwarts breakfast time, in 3 hours time.

with 3 breakfasts in one day, i am used to all these different time lines .


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