Adam spong Potter Fanfiction hogwarts fanfiction

the good dance potion

quee, begin fanfictions now some dreamie weird story. I just dreamt about.

Adam spong Potter Fanfiction
hogwarts fanfiction by adam spong

20-year-old Dan Radicle lives a happy life away from Hogwarts studying the Magical world of Drumstrang Academy. Dan is there with his friend, Rod Rockatansky, at Ddrumstrang to overlook some new teaching ideas.

However, the potions master , Augustus Grump life is turned upside down when he goes to a Wizarding dancie dance in Hogwarts. Augustus does not like to dance, so imposes the idea on other,. Augustus finds it confusing that all the folk there like to dance all night with each other. “We got studying to be doing” he said. Augustus was a devoted teacher at Hogwarts, he likes all children to have fun, but not all night partying.

Stable, adorable Dan is shocked by this revelation and does not want his Hogwarts to be overtaken by a teacher who does not know how to dance.

Certain that he’s doing the right thing, he goes home and gets himself some potion and some butterbeer, then returns to hogwarts.

However, when Dan gets back to Hogwarts, someone has already spiked Augustus’s drink with “dancing endlessly” potion.

Augustus learnt that people like to dance and have fun, finally, Augustus learnt his leasson.

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