The continuing story of the Baby Blue Dungeon — Hogwarts Story

Adam spong story
hogwarts fanfiction by adam spong

The night of the brilliant light from the baby blue dungeon made everyone on edge at Hogwarts . Gem Crystal, a 20-year-old dog walker from london, was new to hogwarts.

She was discussing stamps with her new friend, Wiltered Fern; as they both love to take walks along the Hogwarts lake.

She knows these swampy stories of Hogwarts came from london but she can’t prove it — until she asks the teacher of magical History ( mrs Crapapple) about the creatures in the Hogwarts Lake.

The splendid, understanding Mrs Crabbapple knows that her talent at telling stories is ready. She acquires some important information about how to spot the fantastic lights from the baby blue dungoen from a spot in the swamp.

However, when Whiltered doesn’t want to go for their walk, , Gem is forced to decide to go alone. But as soon as Gem is settled in her spot to see the magical light, Whiltered pops up from under a tree root, to surprise her. They Both watch the magical lights together, yet do not understand what, or who conjures up these fabulous light events, each night.

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