Emperor Humble

Adam spong stories
hogwarts fanfiction by adam spong

In a hut in the mysterious bay, there lived a happy, handsome pixie named emperor Humble. Not a picturesque ripped, dirty hut, filled with mung beans and a tall smell, nor yet time deprived, well built, solid hut .

One day, after a troubling visit from the imp lord Vader, Emperor leaves his hut and sets out in search of three contented bees. A quest undertaken in the company of youths, talking biscuits and magic wizards.

In the search for the imp-guarded bees, emperor Humble surprises even herself with her braveness and skill as a author.

During her travels, emperor writes a book, to present to his lord. But when lord refuses to try talking, their friendship is over.

However, lord is wanting to reconcile and talk about the problems in the book .,and the two reconcile just in time for some camp songs with hot burning marsh mellows for desert/


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