Forgetful baby blue dungeon with the dark lord Adam Spong

Adam spong
ilvermorny fanfiction by adam spong

Adam Spong had always loved damp sponge brain matter at Ilvermorny Institute of wizards and witches with its jittery, joyous jungle in my brain. It was a place where Adam felt like a vegemite sandwich. Adam feels the sting of the New York food diet, and hopes and dreams for a magic vegemite dream sanger.

He was a forgetful baby blue dungeon, being in New York, he forgot his long connection to his baby blue dungeon, The butterbeer still did not taste the same as he once remembered. . Adam’s friends , Mantauk, and Shirley . saw him as an outrageous, over exaggerating student at Ilvermorny Institute . Once, he had even brought an pigmy possum back to his baby blue dungeon to show his freinds.

Adam with his dramatic grand entrences of the spong , fo r the spong, likes to have pazzazz. The Spong blew in like a farty wind blowing like partying hamsters food trough of plenty .

Then Adamsaw something in hi sbowl of weety brix. It was the collectable figure of Fiona Princess. Fiona was a splendid academic student at Ilvermony Instutte with brunette hair and blonde highlights .

Adam gulped. He was not prepared for the site of Fiona, live in full cake costume. Because the spong, loves a tea party with Fiona cake. .

As Adam stepped outside and Fiona came closer, he got the weird feeling of the crooked glint in his eye.

Fiona gazed with the awkwardness of the spong . “ Hello, I am the dark lord spong, with my tight-fisted pantaloons adam wheezed . She said, in hushed tones, “IGet out of my sight and go back to your baby blue dungeon.”

Adam looked back, even more interested in his healthy cuppa tea and still has a nommie biscuit stashed in his hat. “ I shall go to the confines of the enchanted baby blue dungeon with my pet rock.

As Fiona turned away,. she said “Adam, Is that real leather suit that you wore to my graduation ball,”

They looked at each other with lego builder eyes, they knew the constructive nounie verbies that make a good lonely baby blue dungeon. The feelings, like two punk, solo musician stage announcers thinking about the courageous disco feaver in the baby blue dungeon. The music which was that is palying had drum and bass feel in the background and Adam could sense the nounie verbies in the punk solo musician vocal range. In Adam mind he was nounie verbing as he walked.

Adam studied the musicians music for more than an hour. Eventually, he took a deep breath. “I’m sorry,” began Adam in apologetic tones, “but I don’t feel well tonight, I will retire to bed.”

The musician said. “ I hope to read your review later tomorrow, Dark Lord Spong.

Adam could hear his mind racing at 100 paces, on the gangplank of love. For Nounie verbies were his comfort. If he did not get hoem and write down his thoughts, his mind would break like a lego set built of 1 256 pieces. Then the splendid musician went home as well away into the distance.

Not even a drink of butterbeer would calm Adam’s nerves tonight.


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