Ghost of a unicorn. Hogwarts Fanfiction

Adam spong stories
Hogwarts fanfiction by adam spong

Christmas Grey suspected something was a little off when her old chalk dusty headmaster from human, muggle world tried to smoke cigarettes with her when she was just 11 years old. Nevertheless, she was glad to go to Hogwarts. Hogwarts was fully a place to be talented and able to be a real wizard.

It wasn’t until she bumped into the devilish unicorn whisperer, Barry Wilson, that her life finally began to make sense.

However, Barry proved to be generous and seemed to have an unhealthy obsession with dancing with the unicorns. Christiana soon learnt that Barry had a talent with the unicorns who lived in Scotland.

Unicorn whisperers have been a family tradition in the Wilson family for 600 years.

One night, a unicorn ghost appears before Christiana and tells her of how they needed Barry. The ghost gives Christiana the secret unicorn charm so that she may talk to all the unicorns .

Christiana will learn about how to be a guardian for unicorns, and join the secret unicorn society.

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