The Seaside Town of Way-no-boozoo

The Seaside Town of Way-no-boozoo series.

Adam spong stories
ilvermorny fanfiction by adam spong

The magical, seaside town of Way-no-bozzo holds a secret.

Fallon Clifford has the perfect life working as a wandsman in the city and hopping with his caring girlfriend, Charlotte Bond.

However, he finds a silver map in his cellar directing him to the charms of the Way-no-Bozzo clans secrets, Fallon begins the quest to search for the cave in Mantauk.

A Way-no-Bozzo party, with his next door neighbour leaves Fallon with some startling questions about his friend,Rob. they both set off to backward New York to find some answers. He decides to ask his friend’s family in New York about the Way-No-Bozzo clan. Rob Kowalski did not know about his family connection to the Way-no-Bozzo clan

At first the Kowalski family are energetic and special. He is intrigued by the curiously helpful cleaner, Kate Kowalski. However, after he introduces him to a charm in a Vaseline jar, Fallon slowly finds himself being related to the Kowalski’s.

Rob finds out that him and Fallon are related by marriage in a New York connection, that most people would have known about, until, they had all of their family in one place to talk about the connection to the Way-no Bozzo meanings. Fallon had a median around his neck that is the symbol of the Way-No-Bozzo secrets already.
Fallon and Rob need to discover more, in their learnings at Ilvermory Institute. They will find out more and see their mystic connections to the world around them expand and understand the natural surroundsing of New York a lot better.


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