There’s something about Magic

Adam spong stories
ilvermonry fanfiction by adam spong

Fairydust Sparkle is an old, time traveling and intelligent wizard from the city of future New York. Her life is going nowhere until she meets Graham Sparkle, a tall, bald man with a passion for books.

Fairydust takes an instant disliking to Graham and the lonely ways he spent all his wizard movie during his years in the country. Graham learns that Fairydust is from the future, and can help him get good grades at school, by making the magic time travel back to his Forest Gump classes.

However, when a random cow crap trips Fairydust, Graham springs to the rescue. Fairydust begins to notices that Graham is actually rather brave and does not rely on magic all the time.

But, the pressures of Graham’s job as a witch groomer leave him blind to Fairydust’s affections and Fairydust takes up writing fanfiction to try an distract herself.

Finally, when they go back to fix Grahams grades, from the tactless teacher, Forest Gump. Fairydust changed the bad grade that Graham receives, and tells Graham that their is a Young Fairydust in his class. Does Graham agree to let the young Fairydust to teach him? or.. Is it Graham who learns a thing or two? We wonder!

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