hogwarts fanfiction by adam spong

Hannah Come Home

Adam spong stories

Hannah Buska is an energetic and lovable orphan raised by a loving family in New Hogsmeade. Eventually she gets a job working as wizard security for the admirable Lord Pitt of Pitt House. The unlikely couple rapidly succumb to a magical passion.

On the day of their wedding, a spiteful cleaner escapes from the attic of Pitt House and starts a fire. Believing that Lord Pitt is dead, Hannah flees from the church and wanders the icy moors for days until she is rescued by a energetic homemaker.

However, although Lord Pitt is blinded by the fire, he still breathes. Without Hannah he becomes cowardly and ruthless. He turns to butterbeer for comfort. The ghost of the cleaner dresses up as a pool cleaner and haunts him all the way form the pool deck to the attic.

Meanwhile, thinking Lord Pitt is dead, Hannah accepts a marriage proposal from her saviour, the homemaker. However, one night she believes she can hear Lord Pitt calling, “Hannah, where are you? Hannah come home!” and she returns to Pitt House.

On Hannah’s return, she finds Lord Pitt drunk and without sight. Mistaking her for the ghost of the spiteful headmistress, he calls out go away, I don’t need any more creamy jugs in my butterbeer.

Hannah. says, “ but is me your darling , sweetheart. “ “ I thought you died in the fire “
“oh no cupcake sprinkles,” said Lord Pitt,”i survived it was the evil cleaner who died. I have caught him in a bottle of butterbeer ever since the day he tried to bring his entire family to haunt me”. I just keep drinking butterbeer to catch all his ghost family in> here, that is his mother and father in the jugs beside you, if we keep drinking this butterbeer, we can get the whole family in a bottle, and put on a ghost show in town,”


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