Ilvermorny Student fables of the Fern Family

The Mysterious, Sweet Fern

Adam spong stories
Ilvermory fanfiction by adam spong

James Fern is the sister of Sally Fern. James is a good student who’s family lived in a sleepy town in the country. He leads a cosy life. However, all that changes when James is brought into the world of inner city Ilvermony Institute of  witches and  wizards.

At first James finds Ilvermorny very industrial, repeatative and all about assignments. Then there’s the mysterious, sweet new student, Shanley Meadows, who makes him feel hot.

When Shanley invites him on a Pixie spotting expedition, James begins to realise that Shanley is a deeply grateful and cute lady.

James tells her sister Sally all about Shanley. And Sally, eger to tell the family back home, about James exploits, wants to meet this mysterious Shanley. They decide to go to Bay Park.

Soon they arrange an exciting icecream treat time in inner Bay Park. James wants to talk about his favourite subject, the finest qualities of knowing how to spit a Pixie , How to catch pixies, and how to sneek up on a pixie. While Sally is pleased to hear James talk about it over the past 5 years, she has had enough of James stories. Sally orders the meal, because she knows if she orders a butterbeer it will losses up James nervousness.

James begins to drink the butterbeer, but has a constant need to talk with his hands, and knocks the drinks flying everywhere. As Shanely is now moist with the cream, Sally enchants a refresher spell and turns everything back to normal. Sally says “ ah, James always the one to cream at the mention of Pixie catching.

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