9 am exploring saturday hogsmeade

9 am hogwarts

while it is fun to have my hogwarts companions, socialise time to write something. and word use of old english , word today thoroughfare) nominating words from fans, also task of 5 word sentences, as the spong writes so many sentences that are 100 words long.

So, all was decided. Sally and Sam Sparrow and their friends warned them about going off of hogwarts town property. They were going to go to the old Hogsmeade deserted town just down the road form the main thoroughfare of Goathland. the hidden real world of Goathland is a derelict town of old houses left over form the wizard wars of 1950.

Everyone exits the protection of hogwarts. They enter the old town of Goadland. Wondering what all the fuss is about, Sally and Sam realise they entered a confusing world. The 1950 style town is time locked and a permenant reminder of days past. They quickly realise they should not be here, and head back to Hogwarts.


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