9 am new york ilvermorny time fanfiction saturday

squee. it is time to get to the saturday events. as a student living in New York. It is time to think about the Saturday timeline.

i was trying to find new words to call the burger for new york, and realised i must use temporal words

Tortas , tacos adobada , pastrami sandwiches , cheese khachapuri , and non- fast-food burger

Tortas , Taco adobada , pastrami a sarr nyhautpaung , deinhkell khachapuri nhaint and lyinmyanhcwar aahcar bhargar ( Cantonese) yeah lets look at the different languages. i always try to examing the idea of a total world view of what the food is, even in other languages.

French .. tacos navigation , de sandwichs au pastrami des oiseaux , du fromage khachapuri. I would like to navigate a taco, fromage. oh yes./

As a highlight of travelling in New york, french quarter, it is nice to experiment and see the difference in language. Half the fun of being a fanfiction writer is mixing languages and interpretations. And here is the perfect example, the difference in the same words for food being different in a New York perspective.


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