friday random ilvermorny stories

Adam spong stories
ilvermorny fanfiction by adam spong

After leaving the dirty beach on their Scoboni brooms at 6 am. A group of students think that they can do early quiddich training without any spys watching. They fly their brooms toward a distant mountain. Katy Blunder, a student who is new to Ilvermorny is slow to learn how to fly for Quiddich training.

Terrified, by an old-fashioned goblin known as Rhizen Shine, Katy flees but her guardian protector, Gregory Parkes sees that the goblin is not interferring.

They head for Exedor on the Quidditch practice fields of lordore. When they finally arrive, a flight pattern is arranged to learn to play Quiddich in defense mode. Parkes uses his knowledgeof perfect moves to train the new students.

Parkes sees that Goblin Rhizen is watching and taking notes for the other team. Parkes decides to send a burning note spell to the spys total paper trail. The Goblin decides it’s time to leave Lordore and steals a shoe to eat on the way home.

They realise the quiddich spys are wanting to catch their game play defence moves, and decide next week to cast spyware shield on the grounds around them,.

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