acceptance into Ilvermorny Institute

Friday, gotta get down on friday
Students of Ilvermorny learn differently to the Hogwarts gang. Students in the tri-state New York area are taught 5 years of pre-studies into word use and dynamics of the world of wizardry. While some do take up normal learnings of the muggle education, some take turns taking home a muggle book and deciphering normal worlds. A person’s own connection to the land is first found in art and diary entries. (just like this journal). Students learn to accept things as a family, guided by their own surroundings. plants, food , animal knowledge. The students then return to Ilvermorny after exposure to the outside world the following year as 10 year olds, and share their entries with the Ilvermorny acceptance and review board. The student themselves learn to pick their level of competence in Ilvermorny. After every student has written their life in a journal, it is bound into a book for the classroom library. The teacher then selects topics to discuss as life building, as life is about transforming worlds. This leaves the student with a better understanding that they are making their history of magic known, and their progress is linear and not a dot on a wall chart. A student chooses their path, in a new school, with people that they know as children, to become adults in a learning environment.

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