Hot Buttered Joshua

Hot Buttered Joshua

Adam spong stories
ilvermorny fanfiction by adam spong

Weener Bogtrotter is a scruffy, curvy and lovable student from New York school of Ilvermorny. Her life is going nowhere until she meets Joshua Sliponin, a beautiful, thin hot dog bun with a passion for star gazing.

Weener likes to stargaze with Joshua and the night time chats during his years of siting on the dock of the bay.

However, when a dragon tries to munch his Weener, Joshua springs to the rescue. Her highness mrs Weener begins to notices that Joshua is actually rather warm toasty roll.

But, the pressures of Joshua’s non stop talking distracts him form keeping focus, and any old wild dragon, could swoop in and get his precious Weener friend.

Finally, the teacher at Ilvermory find out of their adventures. Barry Greenwaste, wants them to be safe in their star gazing in his lunchbox. so keep an eye on them. They keep safe from the hungrey wild dragons over the Mile island bay.

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