You Know When You Motor Boated ?

Adam spong story
hogwarts fanfiction by adam spong

“Grandpa, what do you think of slipperty doooos?”

“Er… I don’t know kid, get to bed.”

“What about my potions studies? Some say I write like a damp sponge.”


“Do you think my stories are like a tiny teapot in a dolly tea party?”

“Where on earth did you hear a thing like that?”

“Headmaster says that my shelf is like a crumpled sausage noob that likes laughing bravely whilst waving its feet.”

“That’s… um… nice. Perhaps we should talk about something else now.”

“You know when you motor boated gracefully? I heard it was like daringly rampaging on the slippery slope to spongology.”

“Oh look, is that the sun outside kid!”

“But Grandpa, I am a derelict student, I always sleep in!”

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