Cherry dreams of ilvermorny fanfiction

time to get to the 2am, new York time line.
yes, it is time to get started. I could 3 am,
it does take a while
There was a new student at Ilvermorny by the name of Cherry. Sherry was 11 years old and lived in Rochester, New York. While walking home from school one day, after going to the Bay Park area.

We catch up with Cherry ‘s life at week two at ilvermorny. Cherry writes fan fiction.

The continuing amazing stories of Cherry the pickle fairy.
Imogen and Elliot always had such glorious fun playing outside.
“I love doing Potions!” said Imogen.
“And I love playing with the ingredients!” whooped Elliot.
“What should we do later today?” puzzled Imogen.
“Go to the gorgeous ilvermory common room!” bellowed Elliot.
“That’s so brill!” exclaimed Imogen.
“This fanfiction won’t stop overflowing!” screamed Elliot.
“This is a very mysterious problem!” wailed Imogen.
“It really is!” whined Elliot.
“This is a most tricky trouble!” sighed Imogen.
“Oh my, it is!” gasped Elliot.
“Umm, what’s that?” asked Imogen.
“It is an odd looking dog!” replied Elliot.
A fairy startled Imogen and Elliot as it appeared from the dog with a plonk and a glow.
“Hullo, it is I, Cherry the pickle fairy!” yelled the fairy.
“Many things have been messed up ever since Mr Chrookshanks and the heggiety beggities stole my magic paper of exam time!” exclaimed Cherry.
“Oh, bottom, those grubby heggiety beggities have some new screwy tricks!” shouted Cherry.
“Oh, rusty buckets! Those crafty heggiety beggities! They are switching people’s shoes at night time!” gasped Sherry.
“Cherry couldn’t even squash a marshmallow! Ha de ha, she’s such a real jelly-brain!” whooped one of the heggiety beggities.
“Curse the heggiety beggities! They have the magic paper over there!” yelped Imogen.
The heggiety beggities got stuck in a hulking cobweb allowing Imogen and Elliot to get back the magic paper.
“Thanks Imogen and Elliot, you two are tremendous!” cheered Cherry.
“You two were spiffing, when I need some more help I will call. Wahey!” yelled Cherry the pickle fairy.
“All Mr Chrookshanks and those heggiety beggities can do now is to run away. Wow!” said Elliot.
An absolutely fab time was had with the ventriloquist at the ilvermory common room.
and with that.. Cherry woke up, and wrote down her most awesome fanfiction dream

The End.

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