ilvermorny 3 am nibble nibble ohm nom noms

ilvermorny fanfiction by adam spong

as it is 3 am, I am in lunch time mode as it is aussie dinner time.

“It was lunch time. I sat across from Marcus, my new Friend at Ilvermonry. We were sitting at the loner table — which Mark explained as the ‘to-cool-for-you’ table, but in reality it was the ‘unpopular’ table. A ilvermorny food fight raged around us, and I dodged a missile of mashed-potatoes. The place was insane, kids jumping on the tables and screaming happily. Of course, we all knew that would end when Mr Chruckshanks stepped in. Me and Mark were trying to avoid detention, not getting involved. But, of course, it wasn’t our fault that pink icecream landed in Mark’s hair. I couldn’t help but lick it off, no guy should be forced to endure that punishment! We were magic ninjas, dodging and darting our tongues back and forth in each other hair. ohm, nom nom nom. We had to, it wasn’t even our choice.” it was demanded by our hormones!” I stated. Normal wizardry food romance rules stated, licking of a fellow student is highly appreciated. “oh yes, do me any day.” Mark said, grinning.

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