lunch time hogwarts fanfiction

 usual, i will edit these with the  new ilvermorny connections,  but i will still compare it to the original,  mainly showing how  Ilvermorny is different to  hogwarts, .

lunch time hogwarts fanfiction would be  like this

What’s it like to work in an ice cream shop?
I wish I knew, as a hogsmeade ice creamery worker. I’ve worked here long enough, I actually love icecream. And who (besides me) hates ice cream? I guess some good stuff comes from working here, though.

Yesterday, Drako came in. Ben, my bestie, told me to talk to him. So I did. I said “What would you like to order today?” To me, that counts as talking to him. Even that was hard to get out straight. Drako ordered something, but I wasn’t listening.

 “Yeah, okay.” I said, nodded and headed back to the kitchen. “What did he want?” Ben asked. My face burned, as I realized I hadn’t even heard what he said! “Just give him chocolate with lots of cream. Everyone loves chocolate, and a lot of cream in their life.” I said, after refusing to ask him again.

Drako sat at his table, watching me make it. I set the cone on his table and RAN! He picked the cone up, without ever looking at it, and took a bite. I hid in the kitchen, with Ben. Its to bad Drako was allergic to chocolate, or he would’ve really enjoyed that cone. ’Til next time- Trodgen Charlie the wonder horsie edition.

but now, for lunch time at ilvermorny fanfiction . it would be more like this …

The Thoughoufare was wide and diverse with a large array of food to  choose form . Emily wanted so much  for her job at the ice creamery , to be  a great one today. Her walk along the boardwalk to her job was a long one. Her mind  was somewhere else. Marko was in the ice creamery. and she was so busy  Emily  forgot what he  wanted.

Somewhat. the  new  change in fanfiction location will help me  write up my  blog series.  have  fn and i might  edit alot of these

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