Texmex with the Custard Curse

When Texmex woke up (due to the slippery socks in custard), he realized something. The Ilvermorny common room was desserted. The beanie pods were missing, and he was dreaming about lunch. Panic raced through him, how was a simple student like himself supposed to survive this? Lunch is an important part of the day. He had just calmed himself when he heard a panicked scream. Texmex ran toward the sound, and found the elf Moodoolin , in shock on the floor Moodoolin feel on some random custard on the floor. “I’ve been left behind as well, sir!” He moaned. “Get yourself together Moodoolin.” Texmex yelled. Yuriah looked relieved to see a human help him out of his custard slippage, and the fear drained from his face. “We have to find a way to get back to the lunch room without being noticed!” Texmex said. According to a notice, there was a Custard curse on the common room. It was only then that Texmex got a message delivered by his owl, explaining that the house captain was sending food up for him and Moodoolin were supposed to be sick in bed from the Custard Curse. They will clear the curse as soon as they make a potion. And Texmex can go back to his normal Ilvermorny  classes.


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