The Sleeping Expedition ,ilvermorny fanfiction by adam spong

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The Sleeping Expedition

Adam spong  story
ilvermorny fanfiction by adam spong

Marion thunderhawk is a considerate student from the urban hoods of New York. She leads a contented life in the towering  skyscrapers of New York. However, all that changes when Marion books a summer holiday to the holiday town of Mantauk.

When Daniel invites her on a bird  expedition, Marion begins to realise that Daniel is a deeply thoughtful person to  remind her of the  migration.

Marion forgot about the new seasonal bird migration, before the winter when the birds fly back to Mexico. However, to secure her happiness, Marion must get permission from the friendly teacher from  ilvermorny , Phil thunderbird

Using her lovely charms and a mutual love of bird watching, Marion asked to take Daniel out to see the birds , with the guidance of Phil Thunderbird.

At first Marion finds Mantauk very great  with her  favourite grey sky  as the  clouds . Then there’s the mysterious, clumsy friend, Daniel Molehouse. Daniel is a fellow  student at Ilvrmorny  who lives in Mantauk. Daniel makes her feel all giddy as well watching the  local birds,  Daniel and Marion fall all over the  sand dunes. While having to much fun, they fall asleep on the  sand dunes.

They nearly just missed the  wonders of the birds, until  Mr Thunderbird woke them in time to  watch the  birds  fly off in unison  to Mexico.  the  strong  wind of  New york in september are too much for birds, and they  find  refuge int he  calm of  Mexico.A fun day was had by all, and even the birds.

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