Brown shoe car partridge Lazer sharks an ilvermorny fanfiction.

Brown shoe car partridge Lazer sharks

thinking socks and the ilvermorny fanfiction.
New york school of witchcraft and wizardry/

Brown shoe car partridge Lazer sharks

Adam spong stories

for ilvermorny fanfiction

A while ago before dinner in a brown shoe car patridge, there lived a shoe box…

After leaving the tender loving heart of Nebraska to live in New York, a group of blouse of doylley flying teapots head toward the town of New York. The hero is the amazing and resolvingly handsome adam spong, super asexual magic spy .

Dolly Tea Party fun strikes the town of Spong, which is ruled by festering dunny  flusher  known as Imp King, a deep deep knee deep pixie capable of impersonation of cakes of soaps and even dunny flusher washers.

Terrified, a stripy love potion imp known as Dollie Tea Party flees the City, with his protector, Ace Academic.

They head for Cinncinatti on the trolley to Ilvermorny. When they finally arrive, a fight breaks out. Academic uses his brown shoe car patridge lazer sharks to defend Dollie.

Academic and Imp Dollie decide it’s time to leave Ilvermorny and borrow their uncles magic sinking boat to get their way out.

They encounter a floating fleek of fun bags. Academic is attacked and the imp is captured by the fun bags and taken back to Cinncinatti.

Academic must fight to save Imp Dollie but when he accidentally unearths a magical knee slapper banana, the entire future of the brown shoe car patridge, my tender loving heart nation of New York is at stake. says adam spong, and i am not going to go to sleep until i SNORE.

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