Emily’s Chatting Expedition

A Spong story

for ilvermorny fanfiction

Emily is the Best is an admirable nurse lovejoy from a town known for its hilly troughs of turf the county parks of New York. She leads a quiet life. However, all that changes when Emily books a summer holiday to deserted island of “no one Goes to San Francisco Hotel”.

At first Emily finds “No one goes to San Francisco” very quiet old fashioned with its gothic charm. Then there’s the mysterious, emo shopkeeper, Sophie Queen, who makes her feel at home.

When Sophie invites her on a chatting expedition, Emily begins to express her emotions more freely, Emily chats to Sophie with an eternal, understanding of nature and all its meanings.

Emily knows in her heart that Sophie is a person who can talk alot. However, to secure her happiness, Emily must feed the helpful detective dog, Maximus Doggeh, who wants to get fed his dinner.

Using her worrying worts and a mutual love of bird watching, Emily sets out to feed Maximus every day, with nice doggeh treats, on their quest to tour the neighbourhood.


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