Splendid Emyly the best

Emily spong story
for ilvermorny fanfiction

Emyly the best had always loved the crowded hallway picachu’s of Ilvermorny. In new york with its amused, anxious arches of the castle, It was a place where she felt relaxed.

Emyly was a splendid, intelligent, cocoa drinker with peach fingernails and beautiful ankles. Her friends saw her as a polished, fine friend. Once, she had even jumped into a river and saved a smoggy chicken. That’s the sort of woman she was.

Emyly walked over to the window and reflected on her magical land of wonder surroundings. The drizzle rained like drinking monkeys.

Then she saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Sophie Queen. Sophie was a stable table academic with pretty fingers and a band of doggehs.

Emyly rounded up the troops. She was not prepared for Sophie.

As Emyly stepped outside and Sophie came closer, she could see the nasty smile on her face.

Sophie gazed with the affection of a spongy grubby minion. She said, in hushed tones, “I want your mr bear and I want equality for elves.”

Emyly looked back, even more healthy and still sippinging her cuppa tea from her cold kettle. “Sophie, I admire your eyebrows,” she replied.

They looked at each other with anxious feelings, like two mute, mangled mice thinking at a very forgetful dinner party, which had indie music playing in the background and two intuitive dollies boating down the cocca cabana.

Emyly regarded Sophie’s army of dollies. “I shall come back for my biscuits with cheese!” revealed Emyly with a delighted grin.

Sophie looked surprised, her emotions blushing like a breakable, barbecued biscuits.

Then Sophie came inside for a nice mug of cocoa.



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