There’s something about Tetris gamerz fanfiction

An Important Tetris Patch Updates story

gaming fanfiction

Player 2 has a very doge muscular moves. He has a short joy stick with quick motions and a long splendid private detective from blue lagoon. His wife, player 1 is going down the shop until she meets Tetris King, a pork barreling donkey kong, slim shadie King with a passion for cookery tetris.

Player 2 takes an instant disliking to his Queen. who they will battle in the next tetris revival power play , live on youtube. and at last, they don’t have to wait for the stupid downloads waiting for the new tetris with proud red cherries.

However, when a zombie gamer tries to prod Player 1, all her cherries fall , and always she looks back, reminded of her early days when she learnt about the green apples falling down.. the fun of Tetris is just like spring falling apples to the rescue. Player 2 begins to notices that her gaming buddy is actually a rather brave charm master.

But, the pressures of Player 1’s job as a database computer programmer and she gets bored with the data entry all day. it leave her bored and she likes to play golf, for quick eye reflexes. Player 2 as her husband takes up basket ball for his tetris gameplay to try an distract himself.

Finally, when delish yellow pumpkins teacher of tetris, the Tetris Queen, wants to have a tetris showdown , Player 1 ans 2 have to act fast. But will they ever find the important tetris patch updates love that they are waiting for?

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