Month: October 2016

hello i am back

i thought i  better ilvermorny  mention, in  the  2  weeks to go til the movie. as  the, movie review  will fly by and i  won;t have  areference of it in the build up,

stay  tuned these edits  change   quick.

space  for  movie hype, which  never  happened  before the movie, but  after the press talk about it.

Sebastian the Sleeping Magic Dog

Sebastian the Sleeping Magic Dog

A Teen Vampire Story
by ilvermorny fanfiction

There’s a generous new dog in Ilvermorny and he has a sleeping problem . Stunningly handsome and kissable, all the other dogs like him. However, Magic Marlea has a secret — he’s definitely always asleep in bed.

Sebastian Sleepy is a courageous, smart dog who enjoys sleeping to way much. He becomes fascinated by Magic Marlea who can steat hot dogs in one bite with his mouth. She doesn’t understand why her mouth just guzzles down food so quickly.

Her best friend, a bold troll called Odin the Otter, helps Sebastian begin to piece together the puzzle. Together, they discover the ultimate weapon — the special sacred mustard hot dog.

When boiled to perfection, the mustard hot dog is so tastie. the dog drool starts to run down all the dogs in the neighbourhoods faces, it brings all the gods to the yard/

Marlea may resist Magic’s first bite, but can she resist his mustard sauce charms?